The time of settlements

First, a new video.

On November 7th and 8th my first lawyer and I will have a meeting with the lawyers in the matter of Earl Ray Stevens. This meeting is to see if all sides can reach a final agreement on the matter of an “out of court” settlement.

I don’t know what to expect with this meeting. The lawyer for the defendant in this matter has postulated that by the time Earl Ray Stevens abused me at the Denison Armouries when I was in cadets that I was already “damaged” from the abuse on Canadian Forces Base Namao. He even seemed to have honed in on items from my foster care records that I wasn’t even aware of.

One such thing that he honed in on came about because my lawyer had requested a fresh copy of my foster care records from the Alberta government at the start of this matter. I had never seen the quoted text that the lawyer for the defendant read during the meeting because this was redacted from the copy of the records I had obtained in 2011.

In this formerly redacted section my father had told the psychologist hired by the Canadian Armed Forces in November of 1980 that he blamed my behaviour and the behaviour of my brother on his mother, specifically stating this “his mother was frequently cruel to his children, especially when she was inebriated”.

This by the way is the same mother that Richard wrote out of our family history when he gave his statement to the CFNIS in 2011.

So I’ll have to see what the future holds so far as this settlement goes.

I received an interesting telephone call from my other lawyer on Friday. It seems that the Department of Justice is curious to whether or not I would entertain the possibility of an out of court settlement. As this matter is a class action this would affect all members of the class. we don’t have anything to lose on this.

The DOJ and DND may insist that if we take the out of court settlement that we’d have to agree to be bound by an NDA. This is something that I would have to discuss with my lawyer.

That said, an out of court settlement in the Captain McRae matter from Canadian Forces Base Namao would resolve the matter in a fairly quick time unlike the 10 to 15 years that the DOJ had warned me they would drag this matter out for.

Questions that I would have are would there be any payments towards the families of the victims of Captain McRae and his 14 year old accomplice who committed suicide over the years as a result of the abuse and the failure of DND and the CF to look after the victims properly?

Would all of the surviving victims receive equal payments?

Would DND and the CF reveal the names of all of the children involved and ensure that these victims are made aware of the cash settlement being offered?

Would I be gagged by a Non-Disclosure Agreement much like the 14 year old accomplice agreed to in December of 2008?

I sure those details will be worked out.

The one thing that settlements in both matters allows be to do is to obtain medical assistance in dying in much my original time frame.

It was always my intention to die either in 2023 or 2024.

By going with settlements in both matters I can now rest assured that I won’t be spending the next 10 to 15 years dealing with this crap.

If I apply for medical assistance in dying on March 20th, 2023, it will probably take about 4 to 6 months for me to undergo the psychiatric review that would be required.

There would be a 90 day “cooling-off period”.

Then I would be given my prescription for medical assistance in dying. From what I understand the prescription would be valid for up to one year.

This would put my death into 2024. I’m okay with that. I’ve suffered 40 years so far, another year or two isn’t going to kill me.

Anyways, enough for now.

It’s bed time.

Author: bobbiebees

I started out life as a military dependant. Got to see the country from one side to the other, at a cost. Tattoos and peircings are a hobby of mine. I'm a 4th Class Power Engineer. And I love filing ATIP requests with the Federal Government.

4 thoughts on “The time of settlements”

  1. How do you find all of the survivors? Will the military go back through all the years and all of the bases he was on and look DEEP into the files? This sort of abuse doesnt just happen all of a sudden. There must be a trail and the damn military has covered it up.


    1. I have the redacted court martial transcripts and the redacted CFSIU investigation paperwork. The CFSIU paperwork indicates that they had interviewed 7 other kids. When I spoke with Fred Cunningham in 2011, Fred indicated that there were many children that the chain of command was aware of but that the “brass” only allowed McRae to be charged with molesting the only boy over the age of 14. I would learn in May of 2018 that Fred Cunningham was the CFSIU Acting section commander in 1980 and he had been personally tasked by the Base Security officer to investigate Captain McRae.
      Under the pre-1998 National Defence Act the commanding officer was required to conduct a “summary investigation” AFTER the laying of charges. The commanding officer could dismiss any charge that had been brought against the subordinate by the military police. As LS-311E(1998) indicated, this could include any military or civilian charge whether or not the commanding officer would have had the authority to have conducted a summary trail against the accused on those charges.

      I have absolutely no doubt that the un-redacted CFSIU paperwork and the un-redacted court martial transcripts contain the names of the other victims.
      When I spoke with the babysitter’s father in July of 2015, Jack indicated that the military police told him that Captain McRae was suspected of molesting 25 children on CFB Namao alone.
      Prior to McRae’s court martial, McRae underwent an ecclesiastical trial with the catholic church. He admitted to the church that he had molested numerous boys “over the years”. This would mean that Captain McRae more than likely molested kids on CFB Kingston, CFB Portage La Prairie, and CFS Holberg.
      And no doubt, McRae was not the only catholic padre doing this.


  2. Bobbie, I hope you get a decent settlement
    & everything else you are requesting..
    I have all but given up…


    1. Hi Pat.
      I know this may sound weird coming from someone who wants to die at the end of this mess, but don’t give up until you’ve at least made the bastards feel uncomfortable.
      I’ll never truly get what I want, and that’s fine.
      I’ll never recover what was stolen from me, and that’s fine too.
      I’m going to get a small amount of acknowledgement from an adversary that makes its living from denial and obfuscation and that’s okay.
      The desire to die comes from the overwhelming amount of suffering I endured over the years and how burnt out my brain feels all the time and the numbness that goes along with this. To make matters much worse, it would appear that a lot of people knew what had occurred, but they were bound and determined to keep their secrets no matter how much it harmed me.


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