I was born into a military family.

My father joined the Royal Canadian Navy in 1963.

I came into the world back in ’71

My medical records indicate that my parents were already living in military housing when I was born.

I’ve lived from one side of this country to the other. My father’s postings took me from Nova Scotia to Alberta. I settled into British Columbia on my own.

As a kid I lived on CFB Shearwater, CFB Summerside, CFB Namao, CFB Gresibach, CFB Downsview, and then back to Greisbach for one last posting.

I lived in 7 different PMQs on 5 different bases in 4 different provinces by the time I was 12.

As a kid, I was under the supervison of various social service agencies across Canada, and I was also in the foster care system.

I’m currently a 4th class power engineer and I’m the Acting Chief Engineer of the plant where I work.

I started blogging about my experiences as a sexually abused military dependant solely due to the slip of the tongue of a Canadian Forces National Investigation Service investigator.

Hopefully one day I will be sucessful in having the Canadian Armed Forces own up to their tarnished past when child sexual abuse on the bases was downplayed and ignored.

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