Here are the documents that I refer to in my blog.

This is the Canadian Forces Special Investigations Unit investigation of Captain Father Angus McRae for having committed “Acts of homosexuality” with young boys on Canadian Forces Base Namao.

These are the transcripts of the Captain McRae Court Martial which occurred on July 15, 16, 17, 18 at Canadian Forces Base Namao.

The was the original release of Captain McRae’s court martial transcripts in which DND tried to restrict the whole file using section 19(1) of the Privacy Act

This was my second attempt to obtain Captain McRae’s court martial records. This was in 2012.

This was my original attempt to obtain Captain McRae’s court martial records. This was in 2011

This ATI deals with reported sexual assaults that occurred on Canadian Forces Base Edmonton from 1978 to 1980. McRae’s CFSIU investigation paperwork is in here as well.

This document is a copy of an email provided to me via an access to information request that illustrates the problem the three year presented by the 3-year time bar.

This document is Legislative Summary LS-311E. the sections of interest are 2.a.1 on page 12 along with 2.d. on page 18

Captain Angus McRae’s posting records.
McRae was posted to Ontario, Manitoba, British Columbia, and Alberta

This is a copy of Colonel Tim Grubb’s report to the Vice Chief of Defence Staff in July of 2010 in which it is indicated that there is a “disturbingly higher incidence of sexual violations against children in the defence community”

This is a copy of the 2nd 5-year anniversary review of the changes made to the National Defence Act in 1998. This report highlights various alarming issue such the VCDS can direct the Provost Marshal in matters such as Professional Standards Reviews and CFNIS Criminal Investigations. The MPCC also indicate that the Supreme Court frowns upon police agencies conducting investigations that may subject their superiors to civil actions depending on the outcome of the police investigations. The MPCC were aware of these issues in 2011.

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