A Petition

Well, I finally have a sponsor for my petition. Anyone who is a Canadian Citizen can sign this petition. This petition will have to reach 500 signatures in order for it to be brought to the attention of Parliament. https://petitions.ourcommons.ca/en/Petition/Details?Petition=e-2537 Actual Petition from the House of Commons website. You can sign this petition by clicking … Continue reading A Petition

How embarrassing it must have been.

I can only imagine how terrified the brass within the Canadian Armed Forces were at the prospect of the Canadian public discovering that the military couldn't protect children living on secure military establishments. This was contained within the Department of Justice paperwork from when the DOJ represented the Mininster of National Defence in P.S. vs. … Continue reading How embarrassing it must have been.

Unfounded / Founded Not Cleared.

I submitted an Freedom of Information request with the Department of National Defence in July of 2018. I was looking for "copies of any reports, memos, letters, emails, or any other documents and communications indicating how many cases of child sexual abuse occurred pre-1998 and were brought to the attention of the CFNIS / MP … Continue reading Unfounded / Founded Not Cleared.

Why didn’t I tell the CFNIS about Captain McRae.

As I've said previously, I honestly don't remember anything about what occured during the visits to the rectory after the "sickly sweet grape juice". I remember the rectal bleeding, but I always attributed that to P.S.. On May 3rd, 2011 CFNIS investigator Sgt. Christian Cyr contacted me. He initially left a message. After checking his … Continue reading Why didn’t I tell the CFNIS about Captain McRae.

Captain Angus McRae and Corporal Donald Joseph Sullivan

Interesting. Both Captain Father Angus McRae and Corporal Donald Joseph Sullivan were involved with the Catholic church. And both were molesting children. And both had their matters dealt with by military courts martial, and both were sentenced by their respective courts martial panels, and both had their sentences drastically cut by the Court Martial Appeal … Continue reading Captain Angus McRae and Corporal Donald Joseph Sullivan

Jurisdiction of the CFNIS

Trying to define the jurisdiction of the CFNIS and the military police is about as easy as trying to nail jello to the wall. Sadly, this is more to do with the failure of Parliament to close the holes in the National Defence Act than anything else. https://cfbnamao.files.wordpress.com/2019/10/standing-committee-on-national-defence.mp4 In 1987, the Crown of Canada took … Continue reading Jurisdiction of the CFNIS

The Summary Investigation Flaw

If you thought that yesterday's post relating to the 3-year time bar flaw was interesting, you ain't seen anything yet. Legislative Summary LS-311E detailed another interesting flaw that existed in the National Defence Act prior to 1998. The flaw had been temporarily addressed via an administrative order in November of 1997, but nonetheless this flaw … Continue reading The Summary Investigation Flaw