“There are no military bases in Vancouver Centre”

Dr. Hedy Fry, the member of Parliament for Vancouver Centre has determined that because there are no military bases in Vancouver Centre, that she can’t help people who were sexually abused as children.

A while ago, it was suggested to me that maybe I should try the petition route to get my matter before the House of Commons seeing as how the Department of National Defence has no legal obligations towards military dependants.

I submitted the following petition to the House of Commons petition website on April 12th, 2020. I required five supporters. I was able to get the maximum of ten supporters. The way it works is you select ten people that you know will support your petition. The House of Commons will email these people to verify their eligibility to support the petition. The first five people to reply to the House of Commons become the supporters of your petition.

I was notified by email that Dr. Hedy Fry had declined to authorize the petition.
Below is her answer in highlight.

There are no military bases in the riding of Vancouver Centre

“There are no military bases in the riding of Vancouver Centre”, yep, that’s what she said.

I haven’t really had any dealings with Hedy Fry directly. Most of my dealings were filtered through her assistant Steven Bourne. In one of our meetings, Steven brought up the subject of Hedy Fry and her comments about the KKK burning crosses in Prince George, BC and that how even though she was eventually vindicated, that he’d be very cautious about letting Hedy get embarrassed like that again.

I’ve lived in the West End of Vancouver since 1992. That’s coming up on 27 years now.
Hedy has been my member of Parliament since then.
I have been her constituent.
Never have asked anything of her before.

However, it appears that because there are no military bases in the riding of Vancouver Centre, she can’t raise an important issue within the House of Commons.

And this got me to wondering.

How many other former military dependants have gone to their respective Member of Parliament for assistance only to have their MP tell them that they can’t get involved because there “are no military bases” in their riding.

How does this affect people who were sexually abused on bases that no longer exist due to budget cuts and downsizing…….. “sorry, that military base no longer exists, I can’t get involved” .

I have tried enlisting the help of MPs in other ridings previously, but unless you reside in their riding, the MP is not obligated to assist you in any manner.

Are former military dependants expected to move to ridings that have military bases if they want to enlist the help of a Member of Parliament?

Do I really have to quit my job and eat into my savings in order to move to a riding that has a military base?

No wonder the Canadian Armed Forces and the Department of National Defence don’t seem worried. Between Members of Parliament that don’t want to do anything, and Acts that are so vague they can have 20 different interpretations, there’s no reason for DND and the CF to worry about the ghosts from their past haunting them.

Author: bobbiebees

I started out life as a military dependant. Got to see the country from one side to the other, at a cost. Tattoos and peircings are a hobby of mine. I'm a 4th Class Power Engineer. And I love filing ATIP requests with the Federal Government.

One thought on ““There are no military bases in Vancouver Centre””

  1. I am sorry that the 2 petitions were denied.
    It is absurd for Current MP’S to even consider that bc there is no existing base that every and all events were deleted, obliterated?
    Where are the personnel records & possible witnesses?


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