CFAO 19-20

Here is a copy of CFAO 19-20 for your reading pleasure.

CFAO 19-20 pretty well went hand in hand with the Federal Government’s determination to weed out homosexual and other sexual deviants using such unorthodox methods like the infamous “Fruit Machine”.

CFAO 19-20 was only supposed to apply to Canadian Forces personnel.

However, this toxic attitude applied to just about everyone living in the military community, including the children of service members living on the bases.

This was an official policy directive.

An interesting ATI request

Back in 2019, I was trolling around the government website that lists all ATI requests that have been filed with the various departments and what the outcome of those reports was.

One ATI request caught my eye. Someone had requested a copy of all of the General Occurence Reports from DND related to “Sexual Assault” that occured on CFB Namao from 1978 until 1980.

I filed a request with DND for a copy of this information on October 10 2019.

I just received a copy of this report on Friday July 3rd 2020.

You can download a copy of the ATI here:

There were three “sexual assaults” on CFB Namao in the years of 1978 until 1980.

The first was related to a male exposing himself to young females at the base rec centre. The fact that the military police administered a polygraph to this person indicates that this person would have been subject to the Code of Service Discipline. This event occured in November of 1978.

The next incident occured in the vicinity of Northtown Mall in May of 1979. A member of the Canadian Forces exposed himself from his waist to his ankles to a girl. The City of Edmonton police and the CFB Edmonton police worked on this matter. The fact that the incident report indicate that the male was “dress in civilian clothing” and the fact that the CFB Edmonton military police we called in by the Edmonton Police Service also indicates that this was a person subject to the Code of Service Discipline.

Then of course there’s the matter of Canadian Armed Forces officer Captain Father Angus McRae.

Curiously, there is one incident that is missing.

In June of 1980, Corporal Larry King, who was 39 years old at the time, had been sentenced to 3 yers in prison for choking and raping a 16-year-old Edmonton girl.

Corporal Larry King, 39, was sentenced in civilian court to three years in prison for choking and raping a 16-year-old Edmonton Girl

There were three sexual assaults in two years in addition to all of the sexual assaults that P.S. and Captain McRae committed on CFB Namao. You can’t tell me that the Canadian Forces was a safe environment for children to grow up in.

A new(ish) motorcycle

I haven’t been writing on here for a while as I’ve been occupied at work with this COVID-19 issue and I have something else that has occupied my time recently.

I bought myself a motorcycle.

Yeah, it’s not brand new. It’s a 2013 Suzuki Burgman 650.

Paid $6k. Low kilometres. Very decent condition.

It’s a “scooter” in the fact that it has a step through frame. But it’s a 650cc engine.

The last time I rode a motorcycle was around 2008.

I was a late bloomer to the world of motorcycles. I didn’t actually start riding until I was into my 20s. My old man’s anger-riding left me with a love-hate relationship with motorcycles. Loved to ride on his motorcycles as a kid, just didn’t like it when he’s lose his temper with other drivers and start anger riding.

Started off riding on a small Honda CB125, then jumped up to a 1980 Honda CB 750-Four. From there I went to a 2001 Triumph Sprint RS. And then off to a couple of Yamaha Viragos before I just gave up riding. I put it down to things were just getting too hectic in the corporate world with all that ladder climbing I had to do.

I haven’t finished climbing the ladder yet. But I’m about 6 years away from retirement. So the ladder climbing is far less intense these days. Which leaves more time for motorcycling.