CFAO 19-20

Here is a copy of CFAO 19-20 for your reading pleasure. CFAO 19-20 pretty well went hand in hand with the Federal Government's determination to weed out homosexual and other sexual deviants using such unorthodox methods like the infamous "Fruit Machine". CFAO 19_20Download CFAO 19-20 was only supposed to apply to Canadian Forces personnel. However, … Continue reading CFAO 19-20


A Petition

Well, I finally have a sponsor for my petition. Anyone who is a Canadian Citizen can sign this petition. This petition will have to reach 500 signatures in order for it to be brought to the attention of Parliament. Actual Petition from the House of Commons website. You can sign this petition by clicking … Continue reading A Petition

The Complete lack of Interest from the Media

The mucky-mucks at National Defence Head Quarters must be really pleased with how extremely disinterested the media is with the topic of child sexual abuse that occurred on the bases in Canada. I first had dealings with this reporter back in the summer of 2019. They seemed interested in the story, but they just couldn't … Continue reading The Complete lack of Interest from the Media

The Sgt. Kalichuk Files

Here are all of the files relating to the documents that I received from the Library and Archives Canada. These should make for some rather interesting reading.Enjoy.